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Academic Programs

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) is an excellent opportunity to lean more about another country and its culture while taking long programs, a wide range of shorter options are also available. While on EAP, students are still eligible for financial assistance. Students are advised to plan study abroad well in advance so as to ensure that the courses taken fit with their overall program back at UCR. For further details see the University of California's EAP website and www.uoeap.ucsb.edu or contact UCR's International Services Center at (951) 827-4113.

Undergraduate Research and Special Studies
The International Relations minor offers students and opportunity to interact with faculty from various disciplines, to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues and problems facing every country in the world, and to develop skills that bridge that information to the primary major.

The University Honors Program offers lower-division courses taught by distinguished faculty and introduces undergraduates to the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research from the beginning of their undergraduate careers. In the upper division, the program invites outstanding students to design and produce honors theses and projects under individual faculty supervision, through the departmental Honors Program, highly qualified students are invited to conduct a research thesis of their own initiative and design in collaboration with a faculty member. Participation in the Honors Program is the capstone of an excellent education.

Through the Education Abroad Program, UCR students can add and international perspective to their education by studying and living in another country while earning UC credit.

Academic Advising
Participating faculty members provide informal advising and guidance, but students should remain in close contact with their major advisor to ensure that requirements are fulfilled.

Related Literature and References
UCR currently has articulation agreements with most of the California community college. These agreements list specific community college courses that have been designated as comparable to UCR courses. The articulation agreements are available at the statewide articulation Web site, http://www.assist.org/ or at California community colleges.

Detailed information about UCR's admission requirements is presented in the UC publications, Application for Undergraduate Admission & Scholarships, Introducing the University, and Answers for Transfers, and in the UC Riverside General Catalog. The UC publications are available here and at California high schools and community colleges. The UC Riverside General Catalog is available online and for purchase through the UCR Bookstore, (951) 827-4211.